Better Balm


All natural replacement for over the the counter products to ease congestion, fever, muscle aches, disinfect wounds, reduce scaring, and repair chapped lips and skin.



Our “Better Balm” has been carefully designed with some of nature’s finest ingredients, to bring you an all-natural (more effective) alternative to many over the counter ailment remedies.

“Better Balm” can help relieve congestion (just like Vick’s Vapor Rub), contribute towards cooling the body when fevers are present (much like Tylenol), reduce discomfort from muscle aches, disinfecting cuts, scrapes and burns while reducing scaring and healing time (similar to Neosporin), and for preventing/treating chapped lips and skin.

Quality, effectiveness, and sustainability is our top priority, which is why we source our hand-crafted (unrefined) Shea butter from a small farm in Ghana.

The unrefined raw beeswax in the formula, is locally sourced (in Florida) from a bee farmer who turns honeycomb into wax, using “only” traditional methods that date back for centuries, to ensure that all the nutrients remain in the wax.

Our coconut oil is always, unrefined, extra virgin and organic, while the essential oils are among the highest in quality, and sourced from farms throughout the world who practice ethical, eco-friendly, and organically grown practices.

How to Use “Better Balm:”

Congestion: Apply to the bottoms of the feet (draws the congestion downwards), chest, and nose as needed.

Muscle Aches: May help reduce muscle aches that come along with an illness by applying in clockwise circular motions where the pain is.

Fevers: Peppermint oil has a cooling affect, and can help draw out the heat of a fever from the body, when applied to the forehead, back, and chest area.

Cuts, Scrapes and Burns: Apply to wound to clean and disinfect multiple times daily as needed. It will also help quicken the healing process, and minimize scaring.


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