Made in Small Batches

Everything within the Better Health & Home store is created in small batches on our Panzerosa Farm, to ensure the finest quality and freshness.

Locally Sourced

Many of the ingredients used in our products are organically produced on our very own farm. We also support other small, family owned farms that are sustainably sourced, fair trade, and transparent in their practices.

Created the Way Nature Intended

Never do we use chemicals of any kind within our products. No fillers, no additives, no preservatives or anything artificial.

From Our Family to Yours

On the Panzerosa Farm, we believe in going back to our roots to produce food, medicine and skincare the same way our ancestors use to create.
Less is more, and if it is not good enough for our own family, then it is not good enough for you.

Brandy Panzer
Brandy PanzerFounder & Owner

A healthy family is our number one goal. Which is why we are dedicated to handcrafting our products in small batches (on our very own farm) to bring you the freshest, and most natural product possible.

Our Happy Customers

Hand Crafted Soap

Made in small batches with only the finest, all natural ingredients straight from the Panzerosa Farm. Our goal is to make soaps as clean as possible, so you will never find synthetic dyes or fragrances in any of our recipes.

Favorite Recipes & Faith Supplements

Here, you will find our most loved recipes, as well as posts to help build your faith in whatever you may be going through. Food and healthy living can only take us so far, but true healing and happiness comes from knowing our heavenly Father.

Better Health & Home

Hand Crafted Wall Hangings

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